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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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one man is dead after an officer involved shooting in san jose. i'll have it latest coming up in the investigation. oakland police cracking down on occupy protestors again. the reason police had to hit the water to take down the latest encampment. we're live in san francisco where people have been lined up since 4:30 yesterday afternoon for a free bag of groceries. we'll tell you what is new. giving a discount on your traffic ticket. why the state is giving some drivers a deal. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's friday, december 16th i'm pam cook. >> you're smiling. >> yes, i am. >> it is friday. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and
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traffic. here is steve. >> thank you. we do have mostly clear skies. wind up in the higher elevations. patchy fog. it will be sunny and good to go here as high pressure is built in. the low we had yesterday that brought us the rain has moved south. that will allow temperatures to settle into the 50s. and a few low 60s. here is sal. good morning, traffic in marin county is moving along pretty well. no major problems as you drive there. also the morning commute is looking pretty good on the bridges. on the san mateo bridge they had a report of a driver going the wrong way. the chp is looking for it right now. let's go back to the desk. we are starting with news from overnight. officer involved shooting in san jose. police shot and killed a man in east san jose. paul chambers is there at the scene to tell us what led up to that shooting. >> reporter: i can tell you had a photographer out here two hours after that happened.
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there was nothing going on out here then and nothing going on now. now the police did send us a press release about the incident. it did say just before 11:30 last night. when several officers not sure the number tried to contact an adult man. that's when the man displayed threatening behavior. that's when investigators say one officer shot the man in self-defense. he died just after midnight. we have been out here for several hours. we talked to neighbors that said they have heard nothing going on in this incident which is very weird. usually there is crime scene tape, usually there is still officers out here at this hour. i talked to one man that lived across the street and said he has three dogs. if there was anything going on he would have heard the dogs barking. we put in several calls to police.
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we will stay on top of this and bring you the very latest as it develops in this very interesting investigation. time now 5:02. sentencing later this morning for a suspected gang member. 21-year-old andrew could get 50 years in prison. prosecutors say he wanted to gang respect as a cop killer. officer young suffered nerve damage in one of his legs. he is expected to return to the police force. oakland police have dismantled the city's newest occupy camp. this one was on lake merit. earlier this week protestors set up a small vessel they called aquapy lake merit. they took a poet out to the lake -- they took a boat out to
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the lake and brought it ashore. one protestor said he does not regret being out on the lake. >> we got to be a lot of attention for the occupy movement which hasn't had much of a center or focus. >> the protestors tell us they tried to get a permit to allow their boat on the lake but the city would not let them. jean quan said she was not phased by the occupy protestors last night. >> she brutalized our citizens. >> demonstrators heckled and shouted her down during a forrum in san francisco. mayor quan became the target for audience members and fellow panelists. they are angry over how she and oakland police handled the campus and port shut downs. >> we are going out there to defend foreclosures. like the reality of it is we might have to bust open a lock to make sure a family or
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grandmother. >> the camp said they couldn't control one of the mentally ill people in the camp and they hit him over the head with a two by four. >> several hecklers were escorted from the building with outbursts. mayor quan said she has been bullied before but wants to use the forrum as a positive way to discuss the merits of the camp and the reasons why she recorded them shut down. for more information regarding the disruptions and a photo gallery of past demonstrations you can go to our website for continuing coverage. lawmakers on capitol hill should not head home for the holidays until they finish work on two very important pieces of legislation. they are making progress on a spending bill to avert a government shut down. the deal to extend the payroll tax cut that is less certain. we will bring you a live report from our washington, d.c.
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newsroom on the remaining stumbling blocks. it is early. right now volunteers are gathering at san francisco's glide memorial church getting ready to fill bags of groceries to help hundreds in need. >> reporter: good morning. it will start in a couple hours like you said. they have been lining up out here. it goes all the way around the corner since 4:30 yesterday afternoon. like you said they are giving away free bags of groceries. more than 6,000 are expected to give away. come over here. there is a lot of new things this year. these barricades that is new. that is for crowd control. i'm with dean cooper from glad. she will tell us more about what is new this year and what they are doing to make sure that people get what they need. >> hi. >> hi how are you? >> good. >> reporter: tell me what is new this year. >> we are actually setting up
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crowd control and we are doing it in two lines. we have one line that will go around the entire city block and those are for glide clients and other agencies we are reached out to the neighborhood. we have a larger line that is what you see right here the barricades. we have shut down ella street and parts of jones street. and so there is going to be traffic congestion. we also ask for the bus lines to be moved. if you're on the 27 you will be going down turk street. >> reporter: this is all to make sure there is better crowd control this year and people can get served a little quicker. >> yes. we are hoping we will serve people quicker and reach out to the people that live in the tenderloin and really do some bringing people in from babies hunter point. we investigated organizations so they can participate in the
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event as well. >> thank you. get back to work. i know you will be busy. the distribution starts out here at 7:30:00 a.m.. as she said people are already lined out here. they are expected to have about 6,000 people getting free bags of groceries this morning. reporting live in san francisco lorraine blanco. here's something. in a a couple weeks drivers that have not paid their traffic tickets you will get a one-time deal. drivers that have not paid anything on tickets that were due before january 1st of 2009 you have a six-month window to pay 50% of what you owe. all california counties are offering this deal. now you have to pay the 50% portion in one lump sum. but there is the deal. >> all right. 5:08 is the time. back over to sal to check in on traffic this morning. we told you about someone who is driving on the san mateo bridge in the wrong way.
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they didn't find anyone that is good. they went out there and took it very seriously. they looked all over the place. everything is normal. if it did happen, perhaps that person became reoriented before he was taken away by the law. let's take a look at the commute on 80 westbound. traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive out to the mccarthur maze. and the bay bridge toll plaza it's light coming into san francisco. and the morning drive is not bad on northbound 280. get up to highway 17. i don't see our christmas tree there. i don't know where it went. there used to be a christmas tree in this shot. 5:09 let's do -- is it there? he's backing up for us. he's panning to the right. it's gone. let's go to steve. >> we'll have to wake them up. turn that tree on. a little bit of patchy fog.
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gusts 30-40 at the higher peaks. east, northeast at fairfield. vacaville north at 13. concord is calm. not far away from buchanon. 42 fairfield last hour they were 50. concord buchanon 34. look at livermore 44. san jose calm at 37. san rafael at 35. pleasant hill 32. south san jose 34. american canyon at 35. san carlos down to 37. i have to dig deeper to find colder readings. i'm working on it. big high pressure here. it's a grim pattern if you are look for rain and sunshine. there is a little bit there. i think the breeze will take care of most of it.
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it's very quiet. 50s. upper 50s. maybe a few low 60s. santa rosa out to fairfield. if that breeze holds up temperatures will be very, very mild. more the same saturday expect cold morning and sunny. sunday looks like a little system clips us but no big deal. no rain on the five or seven or ten day outlook. time now 5:10. it has been three years now since the body of a woman was found behind a san rafael bar. how the memory of ashley will be honored later today. two of penn state top administrators will defend themselves in court. what they are accused of in the sex abuse case against jerry san dusky. good morning, right now san mateo bridge traffic all clear. it looks like normal traffic out there after police did not find a wrong way driver. we'll tell you more about that and the rest of the commute straight ahead. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now is 5:14. in less than an hour from now, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for two penn state administrators. former vice president gary shuts and tim curly. assistant coach mike mccreery
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is supposed to testify. he admitted jerry sandusky molesting the boy in the locker room showers and reporting the incident to the two administrators. an nfl player is in federal custody accused of setting up a drug dealing network. chicago bears wide receiver sam heard was arrested sunday night after meeting an under cover agent. he said he was interested in buying 5-10-kilos of cocaine. heard was given a bag allegedly containing cocaine. he was arrested leaving the restaurant. the clock ticking toward a government shutdown tonight the u.s. house and senate are expected to vote on a trillion dollar spending plan today to keep the government running. but ktvu alison burns reports, that there is still unfinished business before the holidays.
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allison. >> reporter: dave, despite all the partisan here there is one thing that seems everyone wants. that is to avoid a government shutdown. especially right before the holidays. negotiators have agreed on a $1 trillion spending bill to keep funding of scores of government agencies for the rest of the fiscal year. democrats will drop their push for a millionaire surtax. republicans will extend unemployment benefits that expire in two weeks. it's unclear what will happen to the payroll tax cut that expires at the end of the year. president obama say congress will have to work through christmas if it doesn't reach a deal. congressional leaders are trying to sound optimistic. >> i think there is an easier way to untangle all of this. >> i hoped we could come up with something that would get us out of here at a reasonable time. >> reporter: both are at odds on how to cover the cost of a
5:17 am
2% payroll tax cut. a look at the sticking points. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns. a man accused of trying to assassinate president obama is due in federal court today in washington, d.c. for a preliminary hearing. today's hearing will focus on the mental health of oscar ortega hernandez. people that know him said he had been acting strangly in recent months and became obsessed with president obama. ortega hernandez drove by the white house last month and fired nine shots from his car. one of the shots cracked a window at the first families living quarters but it did not break the bullet proof glass behind it. the president by the way was out of town at the time. today marks the third anniversary of an unsolved homicide. family of ashley will join for
5:18 am
a candle light vigil. the 33-year-old single mother was found dead in the parking lot behind the tavern on the morning of december 16th, 2008. she was last seen alive the night before leaving the tavern with a man that she met there. she was sexually assaulted and died of affixuation. there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in that case. tonight is the unofficial start of the holiday party season. that means the police will be cracking down on drunk drivers. dui check points will be set up all across the area as the chp, police, and sheriffs deputies try to catch the drivers that have too much hall in their systems. police are reminding all of you drivers to plan for safe and sober rides for home. volunteer to be the designated sober driver for others and don't drink alcohol yourself. >> that is a nice gift to give
5:19 am
someone. ly be the one to drive. 5:18 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> i've done that for people. it's cool. you drink a rot of -- you drink a lot of diet coke. >> it's interesting to see a party unfold if you're not drinking. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving on highway 4, traffic is doing well. speaking of the holiday driving and party season, starting next week you will see people drop off and people take vacations. this is the last day at the school for a lot of people. you will start seeing the commute hopefully get lighter. as we move along to the bay bridge toll splay you can see traffic looks pretty good. no major problems getting into san francisco and no problems on the lower deck. 101 and 280 that looks fine if you are driving to the south bay. 5:19 let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. a happy friday morning. i tweeted sfo is 39 degrees.
5:20 am
i know that is cold. they have a west wind at 6 miles an hour. for sfo that is cold for anybody. for sfo that is really cold. if you head over to sfo, maybe take a flight out. we have clear skies expect for patchy fog. the system that dropped by yesterday left a little bit of rain is down in southern california. and the end result is cranking up some of the wind. if the areas don't have any breeze at aural -- breeze in the area, patchy fog. east, northeast that will be direction today. napa says southwest at five. any breeze means upper 30s and 40s. without a breeze 28. 37 hayward. 37 san jose. livermore at 44 because they have a breeze. concord 34. pleasant hill at 32. gilroy in at the 30s along with south san jose. san carlos at 37. there is cold numbers out there.
5:21 am
unless some of the higher elevations already cranking up gusts to 63. southern california will have to deal with that guy over the weekend. we won't. we'll have sunshine and mild weather. patchy fog will not last long. most of it is at the valley. there is a little bit toward napa airport. cold mornings. windy at times. it's a very dry pattern. if you are looking for rain, it looks grim for awhile. we won't be negative or anything. nothing is coming in. cold morning saturday. mostly sunny and a little breezy and blustery again early next week. european markets are up this morning right now following the lead of most asian markets overnight. china's index gained 6%. investors seem to down play.
5:22 am
checking in on our numbers it looks like a higher opening based on the futures. it looks like gains by the end of theday. dow jones starts at 11, 868. also there is reaction to a downgrade on the bank of america by one level one of the eight u.s. and european banks that saw declines in their ratings because of increased challenges in the banking sector. the rating agency says that still denotes good prospects. 5:22. cal tran worker taking his complaint to the state personnel board. the allegation he falsified safety reports including one about the new bay bridge. chris rene. >> the reaction from friends
5:23 am
and family of santa cruz native chris rene big night. good morning, right now 237 that traffic looks pretty good as you are driving around the bay area. we'll tell you more about your commute.
5:24 am
5:25 am
good morning. we have 20s, 30s, and 40s. very windy at some of the higher elevations. at the surface not too bad. it will be in the 50s and a few
5:26 am
low 60s. cal tran worker fired last month is appealing the decision. it's not the first time. last month dwayne was fired from cal tran for falsifying integrity test reports. he's now appealing the firing to the state board. back in 1998 that same board reinstated wiles. the board ruled that it expected wiles would never again mislead the public. 5:26. he did it. santa cruz native chris rene is in the x-factor finals. >> last night the self- proclaimed former drug addict claimed he would compete for the $5 million grand prize. look here we were at the santa cruz restaurant with his home supporters when the good news was announced. >> it's not just about selling
5:27 am
records. it's about touching people which is what music is for. it's about connecting with people. it makes sense for my brother to win this. for me it's so him. he has the x-factor. >> some of his family members and friends say they are planning to go to los angeles next week to support chris rene during the grand finale. while he will survive to sing another song. competition has come to an end for marcus. we will be talking to marcus live coming up on mornings on 2. san jose police shoot and kill a man overnight. what led up to that fatal officer involved shooting. baseball all-time home run leader set to be sentenced in san francisco today. why this probably won't be the end of the case. and a bay area city considers cracking down on troublemakers in the occupy protest camp. good morning. traffic on the richmond, san rafael bridge looks good coming across the bay. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is friday, december 16th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson for the friday forecast. >> thank you pamela and dave. we have mostly clear skies. patchy fog out there. 20s, 30s and 40s for lows. it will be sunny today. 50s unless you get that north
5:31 am
breeze then low 60s. here is sal. good morning. traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge. earlier this morning we had the report someone was driving the wrong way. very fortunate for everyone involved they didn't find that car. westbound bay bridge looks good into san francisco. let's go back to dave and pam. >> thank you. former giant super star barry bonds will find out his fate today. he will be sentenced on one count of obstruction of justice. kraig debro is outside the courthouse to tell us the possible punishment facing barry bonds. >> reporter: he will get a sentence in san francisco but they don't think it will be carried out until bonds' appeal is final. susan the judge that heard his case will hand down the sentence. the jury convicted all-time
5:32 am
home run leader in april. they acquitted bonds of three counts of perjury. federal sentencing guidelines called for 15-21 months. prosecutors want 15 months. probation report recommends probation. >> the case for him doing prison time is not a frivolous argument. but i think it's unlikely that's what you will do. given the range of other options. barry bonds can do more for the community if he's doing community service. >> reporter: bonds testified back in 2003 that he never took steroids that he knew of. two others were convicted in the same courtroom of steroids related offenses. greg anderson spent more than a year in jail for not testifying against bonds. in a recent interview he denied again any knowledge of bonds doing anything illegal. >> as i said numerous times, i
5:33 am
have never talked about performance enhancing drugs, i never gave barry bonds performance enhancing drugs. i admitted i gave some to gary anderson but we have not uttered any words about that. >> reporter: one of the possible arguments in bonds' appeal is the interpretation of his testimony. following the conviction of one juror claimed bonds was evasive while he was asked if anyone other than a doctor injected him with a needle. minutes later during the same testimony, bonds answered no when asked that same question. we hope to be talking legal observance this morning about the case and the possibilities. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. >> make sure you stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will bring you the announcement of the sentencing for barry bonds when it comes
5:34 am
down later this morning. a man is dead after being shot by a san jose police officer overnight. police tell us the incident started near cu drive. now police also say several officers tried to contact the man but he displayed quote threatening behavior. one officer fired. the man was pronounced dead at midnight. fire started at 10:30 last night. firefighters say they were called after smoke was seen coming from the billing. now investigators believe that fire started in the kitchen of a second floor apartment unit. everyone was able to make it out of the building. >> original report came into us. there was people that were trapped. we did a primary and secondary
5:35 am
search. we did not find any occupants. >> there is a tax business on the first floor of the building. it was not damaged. the unit where the fire started is no longer liveable. other people on the second floor of the building were able to return home. 5:34. sad story. a funeral service later today for little hiram lawrence junior. the 20-month-old boy was shot in the head during a shootout at a west oakland liquor store. today's service begins at 11:00 at the ax full gospel church in oakland. so far police have not made any arrests in that shooting. three people have been arrested in connection with a nabbing at serramonte mall. it started with a fistfight. one man was stabbed several times. his injuries are nonlife threatening. the city of berkeley is fed
5:36 am
up with uncoup preppiest tours. they are threatening more arrests. berkeley is considering issuing stay away orders to repeat offenders. a building in san francisco mission district that was once the proposed home of the city's occupy camp is being considered for another use. the san francisco examiner reports that mayor ed lee is considering use the former phoenix high school building as a work force housing for police officers, firefighters, and teachers. mayor lee spokesperson says the higher cost of living prevents many from living there. they could be an even greater asset if they live in the community they serve. in politics new republican front runner newt gingrich found himself target of attacks in last nights gop presidential debate. >> one of the concerns that i
5:37 am
had is that when speaker gingrich was speaker of the house, he had an opportunity to defund plan parenthood. he chose not to take it. that is a big issue. >> coming up for you. the other concern that congresswoman michelle bachmann expressed about newt gingrich. in less than an hour executives will ring the opening bell on the nasdaq. they have that honor because of the san francisco based company is going public today. the stock set to start trading at $10 a share. that's where it was priced last night. zynga is best known for farmville and war with friends and mafia wars. we have information on the fatal officer involved shooting in san jose. paul chambers just arrived at the scene where that fatal shooting happened. paul. >> reporter: we are on the real scene this time. you can see there is a few officers out here still
5:38 am
currently right now and the scene is up here right here behind us. as you can see pd big truck is out here. officers gave us information around 11:30 last night investigators say that is when several officers not sure exactly how many tried to contact an adult man. that's when he displayed threatening behavior. one officer shot the man in self-defense. the man was taken to the hospital where he died just after midnight. we just got on the scene. we're a half a mile away from the original scene. this is the real scene. officers are out here surveying the area. i talked to an officer a second ago. he's not allowed to give us any information. this is the actual seen -- this is the actual scene here. officers have been out here since 11:30 last night working
5:39 am
the scene. live in san jose i'm paul chambers. >> thank you. 5:38. let's get you out the door on the friday morning. sal, can you help them along the east shore? >> i can dave and pam. we are look at that. the traffic looks pretty good as you are drying on toil -- driving on 80 westbound. it's getting crowded as you drive out to the mccarthur maze. nothing major. i think next week we will start seeing lighter than usual commutes. also the morning drive on westbound bay bridge looks pretty good. no major problems here. just a small delay. if you are driving in concord or antioch westbound highway 4 looks pretty good. not a big delay just yet as you can see southbound 6780 looks good. northbound 680 there is a minor accident on the shoulder and the traffic is actually looking pretty good. if you are driving on westbound 80, it's pretty good. there is a minor accident at
5:40 am
highway four on the shoulder. 5:39 let's go to steve. >> happy friday morning everybody. a little cold for some. i was looking though real quick up in napa county. i have seen anywhere from 33 to 53. it's also dry. we had our rain. that might be it for the month. we still have a little bit of time here. all forecast models seven, ten, and 15 day outlooks are bullish. other than that it looks really quiet. southern california different ball game. they are getting the lows that develop down there. there goes our system that developed from yesterday. it's a north, northeast wind. san jose stays calm. there is a little northeast out in the valley. north at oakland that will help warm up downtown oakland. that puts the windchill at 35.
5:41 am
42 fairfield. they were 50 last hour. napa airport was 37. closer to town i saw 52. santa rosa is 28. 37 hayward. 37 san jose. pleasant hill 32. a lot of 30s here. gilroy, south san jose. saw two readings there. san carlos 37 degrees. high pressure will take everything way to the north it looks really quiet for us expect cold mornings and some of the wind up at mount diablo gusts to 63 miles an hour. there will be blustery conditions here. and just patchy fog. any breeze wipes out the fog. cold morning. 30s and 40s. winds at times in the higher elevations. it's a dry, dry pattern. 50s and if that breeze holds up low 60s. temperatures above average here as we head into your weekend it will be cold in the morning. sunny. looks more of the same on sunday. a little bit more of a breeze kicking in monday and tuesday.
5:42 am
>> thank you, steve. 5:41 is the time right now. a bay area company is asking the government for new approval for a drug on the market. gill idea says it can be used in different way. the prime minister of japan announced good news about the nuclear power plant damaged by the tsunami nine months ago. northbound 280 it looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning. we have some 20s, 30s, 40ss, and 50s for lows. highs 50s and low 60s.
5:45 am
welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you right now. baseball legend barry bonds will be sentenced today. barry bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice for a 2003 grand jury testimony. prosecutors want a 15 month prison sentence. oakland police have removed an occupy protestors boat off of lake merit. protestors calling themselves aquapy lake merit set up camp earlier this week. three people were sited and released. it has taken more than nine months the nuclear power plant in japan is considered stable. they announced the facility is no longer leaking large amounts of radiation. he also says the plant is in the condition called cold shut down. that means evacuation zones around the plant can be revised and workers can start the difficult job of decommissioning it. a top pg&e executive will
5:46 am
discuss the companies ongoing effort to modernize its natural gas. pg&e stepped up testing on its lines after the san bruno explosion. the states public ewe till commission has given the company permission to raise pressure on three bay area natural gas pipelines including the one involved in the san bruno blast. pg&e wants to raise the pressure to meet cold weather demand for natural gas. pipelines have been operating at low pressure since last years explosion. last night republican presidential front runner newt gingrich found himself the target of attacks. >> we can't have someone that continues to stand for freddie mac and fannie mae. they need to be shut down. >> first my policy is to break up fannie mae and freddie mac. second i want to state for
5:47 am
every person watching tonight, i have never once changed my positions because of any kind of payment. >> now with the iowa caucuses coming up january 3rd, the candidates that are not leading in the polls made their last minute pitches for support. >> i have something different to offer. i emphasize civil liberties. i emphasize a foreign policy. >> i'm going to fix this countries trust deficit. because we are too good as people to be in the hole we're in. we deserve better. >> it's also expected some of the candidates that don't do well on the iowa caucuses will drop out before the new hampshire primary a week later. there is a new poll out showing president obama will beat both of the republican front runners but only barely. in a hypothetical matchup with mitt romney the associated press poll shows president obama is favored by 47%
5:48 am
compared to 46% for romney. bay area company could have one of the first drugs prescribed to prevent the spread of hi. gilead sciences of foster city makes truvada. now independent medical trials shows it helps reduce the risk of hiv infection in people who don't have the aids virus but engage in risky practices that can lead to the disease. gilead is asking faa to ask that doctors use it in that way. one of the wine countries biggest mystery has been solved. this is video of the napa valley estate. this fall it was sold for an undisclosed amount to an unnamed buyer. we are now hearing the buyers are wine heiress gina galo and
5:49 am
her husband. 5:48 is the time. back over to sal to check on traffic. >> right now traffic looks pretty good around the bay area. if you are driving on the golden gate bridge any time soon it looks pretty good heading to the toll plaza. this mornings commute looks good westbound bay bridge. coming into the city and no major problems on that bridge. now if you are driving on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge it's also a nice drive. on the east shore freeway we have had pretty good traffic. a couple minor things go on there. nothing major if you are driving on 80 between pinole and richmond there won't be any slow downs yet. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. it's cold out there for some the breeze has kicked in. clear sailing here. no rain in sight for awhile. unless you are heading down to southern california where they will get some. our system yesterday there it
5:50 am
goes all the way down to southern california. they will give san diego or palm springs some rain. it's giving us a easterly breeze. north five at oakland. nothing yet san jose or santa rosa. kind of a different trend at sfo. but that puts the windshield at 35 degrows. fairfield was 50 last hour. now they are at 42 because of the breeze livermore has held up. you can find a lot of 30s. santa rosa is 28. napa anywhere from 33 to 53. any breeze upper 40s and 50s. pleasant hill is 32. gilroy in it for 30. pleasantton 34. mill valley 35. southern california will have to deal with that low. you can see it wrapping up down there a little bit. it's just south of san diego. it's not going anywhere
5:51 am
sometime soon. high pressure has built into the north. we're between. patchy fog out to the valley and a little bit in the north bay. higher elevations gusts to 60 miles an hour. dry pattern expect for patchy fog. no rain in sight. the north wind if it holds low 60s for some. otherwise mid to upper 50s and extended forecast which always has your week in view is quiet and dry. it will be cold in the morning. it will be mostly fair during the day and early next week. >> thank you, steve. a few minutes ago the labor department announced consumer prices remained steady last month. economists expected to see a slight increase with lower energy costs especially gas held costs down. consumer prices have risen in the past year while wages have slipped. a new survey shows travelers cutting back on hotel expenses. the american express study shows spending on first and business class airline tickets increase an average of 7% through september. but more people are choosing to
5:52 am
spend more of their dollars on economy lodging instead of luxury hotels. analysts say the improvement and quality of lower cost hotels make them more acceptable. more passengers say they upgrade while flying. the company that makes blackberry says it will delay shipments of the new smart phone until late next year. they have lost ground apple and other rivals. it had counted on the new phones to boost sales. now it will ship fewer than 12 million smart phones in the weeks before christmas. that will lead to the annual decline in sales since the company started. 5:52. you have the car. do you really need a driver? the major bay area company that has a patent for a driverless car. plus stuck inside a chimney. this is not santa claus.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
welcome back to the ktvu morning news. it's 5:55. a stockton teenager proved he's no santa after getting stuck in a chimney. firefighter were called to a home yesterday morning and could see george's feet sticking at the bottom of the chimney. >> we guess he had his hands on the edge and released in the
5:56 am
chimney. thinking it would be a nice smooth transition into the house. >> firefighters had to break part of the chimney. they did get him out safely. there is confusion why the teenager was in the chimney. his family said he was trying to sneak back in after missing a curfew. they later said he was cleaning the chimney when he got stuck. oral arguments begin in the court on the defensive marriage act. in 2008 karen and her female partner were married in san francisco. she wants to at her partner to her health insurance but it has been denied. the defensive marriage act forbids the government from recognizing same sex marriage. this case now goes to a u.s. district court. google is getting into the auto business with a new invention. driverless cars. google just received a patent for two important components of this technology. one is a so-called landing strip where the vehicle will stop. the other one receives precise
5:57 am
information about where the vehicle is and should go. technology experts say google will probably license the technology to car makers but it could be years before any driverless cars go up for sale. we are getting close to 6:00. so the roads could be getting a little crowded out there. let's check in with sal. >> all right pam and dave. traffic looks pretty good if you are driving in most areas. 280 northbound looks very nice. pardon me. getting up to highway 17. northbound 17 traffic is doing well getting down to the valley. and this mornings commute still looks pretty good on the sunol grade. 680 southbound as you drive to the fremont area. no problems here. let's go back to the desk. all right sal. police gunfire during the night in san jose. we have new details about a fatal officer involved shooting. we are live at the scene. plus barry bonds learns his fate today. we'll tell you what is expected in court in just a few hours.
5:58 am
good morning. for some it's as windy for others it's just cold. how about the upcoming forecast? we'll have that coming up. get the technology they love, on the network they deserve. like the powerful droid charge by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
5:59 am
police on the scene in san jose in an officer involved shooting that left one man dead.


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